In coordination with the Colonial Place / Riverview Civic League, Crescas Real Estate is proudly doing our part to support this need in our community. Stop by to make a donation. The coffee is on us!

Diaper need is the lack of sufficient supply of diapers to keep a child clean, dry, and healthy. For the month of November and December the CPRV Social Committee will be partnering with local businesses and neighbors to conduct two neighborhood diaper drives for the Greater Hampton Roads Diaper Bank (GHRDB). We are doing this drive to help bring awareness to the issue and to have a direct impact on the local diaper need. Our goal is to collect as many physical diaper donations as possible be-tween 11/1-11/23 and again 12/1-12/29.

On average infants require about 12 diapers per day, and toddlers about 8. The cost to afford diapers is a struggle for many families; disposable diapers can cost $70 to 80 per month per baby/toddler. And with no state or federal safety-net programs that allocate dollars specifically for the purchase of diapers, diaper banks are largely the only option for these families. GHRDB is a nonprofit organization that has been working to help fill that gap in our area since 2012. The GHRDB receives requests for over 100,000 diapers each month and they are only able to meet about one quarter of that need.

We have houses in Colonial Place and in Riverview that have volunteered to be drop off sites for donations. Claire Campbell will be available for drop off donations at 243 E 40th St in Riverview. Mike and Lauren Langston will be available for drop off donations at 4313 Colonial Ave in Colonial Place. If you are dropping donations off at one of the homeowner locations, please just leave items on the porch; no need to call ahead. MJ’s Tavern (located at 4019 Granby St) and Upscale Avenues Realty Group (located at 4013 Colley Ave) have graciously offered to accept donations at their locations. Follow the CPRV social media outlets for possible additions to our local business partners.

The Diaper bank can accept new and opened packages of diapers.If you have open packages of diapers, please do not hesitate to donate them. No donation is too small for this cause.For more information on national and local diaper need check out the National Diaper Bank Networks website via or the website for the Greater Hampton Roads Diaper Bank via You may also make donations to both organizations via the PayPal links on their respective sites. Please consider helping us impact our local communities diaper need this holiday season!

infant hand closeup